♦♦ ♦♦ ♦♦ 100mm Outside Wall

100mm Outside Wall

Name: Lightweight foam concrete outside wall
Material: styrol foam, cement, sand, and face boards
Loading details: 189 pcs, 262 m2, per 20GP
Usage: Outer wall, exterior wall

100mm lightweight foam concrete outside wall is mainly used in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa as exterior wall. The thermal conductity is excellent, it's very suitable for the hot area to prevent the heat outside.

100mm foam concrete wall panel have the excellent strength, the hanging force can reach 150+ kgs, it can easily bear the TV set, air containers, cabinet,etc. The most import is it can save at least 5% of the house space.

The construction of house outside wall is very simple, kindly view the house erection method. Also, we have professional house construction experience for many years, we can provide the house installation video and dispatch our engineers for FREE instruction.

100mm styrol foam cement wall panel exterior is also crack free, we have the advanced technology can solve the skim coat finished wall crack problems.

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