♦♦ ♦♦ ♦♦ 113th Canton Fair

We attended the 113th Canton Fair, exhibited Eco-friendly Integrating House System, Lightweight Ceramicite Perlite Eps Cement Wall Panel, installation accessories loading and packing

Eco-friendly Integrated House System



Housing Structure
Interior Wall: 2270*610*90mm eps cement sandwich panel
Exterior Wall: 2270*610*120mm eps cement sandwich wall panel
Roof: 2270*610*60 eps sandwich panel
Steel structure: 6mm square steel


Eps cement sandwich wall panel

Ceramicite cement sandwich wall panel

Perlite cement sandwich wall panel


How do we guarantee quality?

  • Fully automatic production line
  • Most advanced and unique designed operation software
  • We have patent of the 13 kinds of additives
  • 4 times quality checking and inspection before delivery
  • we have research team in Wuhan university
  • We trained workers with rich experience
Email: Ralph@lightweight-wall.com
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