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I. Details

Product Name EPS Cement Sandwich Panel (100% non-asbestos)
Double Sides Surface: Calcium silicate board 5.0mm thickness;
Sandwich Core: Expanded polysytrene (EPS), cement, sand, fly ash
Panel Joining Method: Tongue & Groove, interlock Type
EPS-Cement-Sandwich-Panel-Details-feature-application-installation Tongue-Groove-interlock-Type-Lightweight-aggregate-eps-fly-ash-sandwich-panel
(90 inch*25 inch*2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.7/6.0 inch)
Packaging Packed with EPE film, wedge protected on pallets.
MOQ One 20' GP
Payment Term T/T, L/C, West Union, etc
  Fob Wuhan, Shanghai
Lead Time 7-15 days after payment confirmed


II. Features

lightweight-density-650kg-m3 fast-construction-rapid-installation cost-saving-30-percent-off


Density:650kg/m3; lower structure load;

Fast Construction

40 m2/day/labor; Easy to cut, carry and install;

Cost Saving

Total cost 30% off; Material saving; Decoration saving;

4-hours-fireproofing Sound-insulation Thermal-insulation


Reaction to fire: 4 hours

Sound Insulation

STC rated 42 dB

Thermal Insulation

Thermal conductivity: 0.17W/(m2.k)

Moisture-resistance seismic-proof

Moisture Resistance

Lower water absorption;


Flexible and durable;

Space Saving

Average room saving 5%;

lightweight-fiber-cement-board-asbestos-free lightweight-foam-concrete-partition-no-plaster partition-wall-sandwich-panel-heavy-anchorage

Eco Friendly

Asbestos free, no toxicity;

No Plaster

Smooth surface for finish;

Heavy Anchorage

Single point load 150kg

III. Application

Partition Wall / Inner Wall / Interior Wall


Outside Wall / Outer Wall / Exterior Wall


IV. Installation


Step 1
Clean the area.
Step 2
Define the wall line.
Step 3
Clean the surface of the structure and each sides of the wall panel before apply adhesive.
Step 4
Mix cement adhesive mortar and apply to the structure and both sides of wall panel.
Step 5
Put the wedge and install the wall panel, check the wall panels vertically and horizontally.


Step 6
Drill a 3cm hole at the bottom of the structure, nail the wall panel with structure by L shape rebar.
Step 7
Measure the dimension of remaining space and cut the wall panel accordingly.
Step 8
Place the small wall panel and fix with structures like Step VI.
Step 9
Draw and groove the wall to finish the electrical wire, water pipes and sanitary works, fill the grooves with cement mortar.
Step 10
Decorate the wall with skim coat, painting, wallpaper or tiles.


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