♦♦ ♦♦ Sound Insulation Test

Foam Concrete Wall Acoustic Sound Insulation Testing

Vanjoin group has finished series of strict testings, such like eps foam cement concrete wall panel sound insulation test, partition wall panel sound observation testing, lightweight foam concrete wall soundproof testings.

As per ISO 140-1:1997, ISO 140-6:1998 Part 5: Field measurement of airbome sound insulation of facade and facade elements:

ISO 140-9:1985, ISO 266:1997 acoustics preferred frequencies;

ASTM E-90-95 and E412-73 standards.



Vanjoin acoustic wall panel can be widely used as interior and exterior of hospital, classroom, hotel, warehouse, etc, where have higher requirements on sound insulation.


VANJOIN GROUP lightweight foam concrete sandwich wall panel sound insulation: 46db

Kindly contact us for full sets of acoustic soundproof testing.

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