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Flexible ceramic wall tile antique Roman culture stone tile

    There were two main techniques in Greco-Roman mosaic: opus vermiculatum used tiny tesserae, typically cubes of 4 millimeters or less, and was produced in workshops in relatively small panels which were transported to the site glued to some temporary support. The tiny tesserae allowed very fine detail, and an approach to the illusionism of painting. Often small panels called emblemata were inserted into walls or as the highlights of larger floor-mosaics in coarser work. The normal technique, however, was opus tessellatum, using larger tesserae, which were laid on site.

    Flexible Roman culture stone tile can provide the same texture and color of Roman culture mosaic, the modified clay make the flexible ceramic culture stone wall tile soft and crack free.

Flexible Roman Culture Stone Wall Tile

Antique Roman Culture Stone Tile Mosaic


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