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Flexible Leather Wall Tile Dermatoglyph

1. Quick details of flexible leather wall tile:
Product Name: Decorative Home Flexible Wall Tiles Natural Style Soft Dermatoglyph Tile     
Material: MCM, Modified Clay Material
Size: 240mm * 60mm; 600mm * 120mm; Other Size Can Be Customized.     
Color: Blacks, Blues, Browns / Tans, Grays, Greens, Oranges, Purples / Lavenders, Reds / Pinks, Whites, Yellows / Golds More Colors Can Be Customized.
Tile Type: Full Body Tiles, Wall Tiles, MCM Tiles     
Pattern: Crocodile Skin, Sheep Skin, Elephant Skin, Cow Leather, Woven Flax, Bamboo Weaving,
Feature: Light Weight, Soft, Flexible, Anti-crack, Waterproof, Anti-pollution, Self-cleaning, Fireproof, Breathable, Rebound Resilience, Eco-friendly, Nature and Lifelike, etc.     
Application: Interior Wall Decoration, Home Decoration, Irregular Structures, School, Office, Hospital, Hotel, Swimming Pool, Etc.

2. Description of soft dermatoglyph tile:
Crocodile Skin, Sheep Skin, Elephant Skin, Cow Leather, Woven Flax, Bamboo Weaving, etc.
All kinds of skin texture can be customized as per your requirements.
Never ask for from nature, we let you enjoy the soft delicate touch like real leather and clear natural texture.
This is the visual feast that flexible dermatoglyph brings.

3. Category of soft dermatoglyph Tile:

  • Crocodile Skin,
  • Sheep Skin,
  • Elephant Skin,
  • Cow Leather,
  • Woven Flax,
  • Bamboo Weaving

Animal Skin Series

Flexible_leather_wall_tile_crocodile_skin Flexible_leather_wall_tile_sheepskin
Flexible_leather_wall_tile_elephant_skin Flexible_leather_wall_tile_cow_leather

Plant Skin Series

Flexible_leather_wall_tile_woven_flax Flexible_leather_wall_tile_bamboo_weaving

4.Installation and construction of soft flexible leather wall tile:

  • After basic level processing, setting line, snap the line for positioning.
  • Using sawtooth trowel to crape sealant, sealant thickness 2-3mm, full sealant rate above 80%. 1-5cm for distance from two sides, convenient for hands to take, thus to avoid pollution of hands.
  • Hands moving pressure & online, till the sealant evenly passed the edge. Use plastic to press on it, press with finger is strictly prohibited.
  • Use the matching sealant for filling the seam, all the seam should be filled. Also can fill sealant in a plastic bag, make a whole & squeeze out for filling the seam.
  • Use the matching joint steel bar for filling the seam, seam should be deep concave, saturated, smooth.
  • When the sealant pollute your hands, using hands to grasp is strictly prohibited If any sealant pollute the product surface, upon semi-dry, use the shovel to eradicate, wet bubbling is strictly prohibited.
  • With a dry sponge to remove the ash.
  • Completed results after finish construction.
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