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The lightweight heat insulation eps cement wall panel samples were cut from large piece (Sheet size 2270mm*610mm),  the sample common size is 100mm*100mm with different thickness, according to clients requirements.  Also rementioned as partition wall panel sample, concrete sandwich panel interior, and lightwall foam concrete panel sample.

light-weight-heat-insulation-eps-cement-wall-panel-sample-60mm thermal-insulation-partition-wall-panel-sample-75mm concrete-sandwich-panel-interior-sample-90mm

60mm thickness

75mm thickness

90mm thickness
Size:10*10*6cm Size:10*10*7.5cm Size:10*10*9cm
Weight: 0.40kg Weight: 0.45kg Weight: 0.60kg


lightwall-eps-sandwich-foam-concrete-panel-sample-100mm precast-concrete-sandwich-insulation-sample-120mm eps-cement-concrete-sandwich-panel-sample-150mm
100mm thickness 120mm thickness 150mm thickness
Size:10*10*10cm Size:10*10*12cm Size:10*10*15cm
Weight: 0.70kg Weight: 0.75kg Weight: 0.80kg

We'd like to provide the samples free with pleasure, kindly contact us to request as you wish.



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