♦♦ ♦♦ Load-bearing wall, Bearing wall

Load-bearing wall, Bearing wall

Load-bearing wall / Bearing wall

A load-bearing wall or bearing wall is a wall that is an active structural element of a building, that is, it bears the weight of the elements above said wall, resting upon it by conducting its weight to a foundation structure. The materials most often used to construct load-bearing walls in large buildings are concrete, block, or brick.

Load-bearing-wall-beams-columns-and-non-load-bearing-wallsLoad bearing wall beams columns

load-and-non-load-bearing-wallsLoad and non load bearing walls

Load bearing wall application

Depending on the type of building and the number of floors, load-bearing walls are gauged to the appropriate thickness to carry the weight above them. Without doing so, it is possible that an outer wall could become unstable if the load exceeds the strength of the material used, potentially leading to the collapse of the structure.

Housing load bearing wall

In housing, load-bearing walls are most common in the light construction method known as "platform framing", and each load-bearing wall sits on a wall sill plate which is mated to the lowest base plate. The sills are bolted to the masonry or concrete foundation.

Housing-framing-Load-bearing-wall-and-non-load-bearing-wallsHousing framing load bearing Load-bearing-walls-and-non-load-bearing-walls-structureLoad bearing walls tructure

Supertall skyscrapers load bearing wall

Due to the immense weight of skyscrapers, the base and walls of the lower floors must be extremely strong. Pilings are used to anchor the building to the bedrock underground. Non-load bearing walls, lightweight aggregate fly ash concrete filling walls and expanded polystyrene concrete panels, are commonly used to fill the skyscrapers for partitions, it can largely lighten the total weight and lighten the base and walls of the lower floors bearing strength.

lightweight-aggregate-concrete-filling-walls-Supertall-skyscrapers Supertall skyscrapers light weight filling walls expanded-polystyrene-concrete-sandwich-wall-Supertall-skyscrapersExpanded polystyrene concrete partition

Concrete slab;

Siding (wall cladding);

Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS);

Reinforced concrete;

Precast concrete;

Comparison of compression and tensile strengths;



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