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Lightweight cement wall panels

Lightweight cement wall panels material

Lightweight-cement-wall-panels-material Lightweight-cement-wall-panels

Lightweight cement wall panels, are green building material used for environmentally friendly homes. These concrete lightweight wall panel is produced by mixing cement, and small styrofoam balls as a lightweight aggregated instead of the crushed stone used in regular concrete.

Lightweight cement wall panels properties

Lightweight-cement-panels-walls Lightweight-cement-wall-panels-properties

Lightweight cement wall panels made from cement, insulated cores (expanded EPS particles) has several advantages over the more traditional mix for concrete blocks. EPS concrete has increased insulation properties, especially for thermal insulation, sound insulation, and because it’s up to 1/6 lighter than stone-based concrete block, it can reduce the wall occupying space, increase the rate of using residential space, reduce structure load, and reduce the comprehensive cost.

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