♦♦ ♦♦ Mortar Adhesive Strength

Mortar Adhesive Strength Testing

Flexible tile installation material: Cement mortar adhesive;
Ordinary cement mortar also works, however, we strongly recommand our special adhesive, we can guarantee 50-70 years, never fall off.
We have done several testing basing on the Flexible Tile Cement Mortar Adhesive glue adhesive strength, bonding strength, adhesion strength, bond strength, cohesive strength, or cohesive affinity.

Testing Result:
Adhesive strength 0.6Mpa; National standard: >0.5Mpa
Immersion adhesive strength 0.5Mpa; National standard: >0.5Mpa

Cement mortar adhesive strength testing reports

Tile glue bonding strength test resultFlexible tile merge with wall sketch mapWe add special additive into the cement mortar, to make sure the cement mortar has the same component with our flexible tile cladding, thus, the tile layer can merge with the wall and mortar very easily and quick, it will become a whole part, that's why we can guarantee 50-70 years.

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