♦♦ ♦♦ Feature and Advantage

Outstanding Features of MCM Soft Ceramic Tile

  1. Eco-friendly, Natura, Zero Pollution
  2. Light Weight, Energy Saving, Easy Transport, Fast Construction
  3. Firmly Installed, No Risk of Falling off
  4. Full Body, Anti UV, Never Fade
  5. Waterproof & Self-Clean , Siempre Vivire
  6. Freeze-thaw Resistance, Anti-aging, Remain the Same in a Centenary
  7. Self-Thermal Insulation, Breathable, Adjust the Temperature and Humidity of a City
  8. Scratch Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Collision Resistance, Durability
  9. Level-A Fireproof, Effective Flame Retardant  
  10. Various Styles & Vivid Appearances
  11. Natural Texture, Non Light Pollution
  12. 3D Sound-Absorbing,  Improve Urban Noise Pollution
  13. Purify Air,  Improve Air Quality
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