♦♦ ♦♦ Flexible Stone Tile

Soft Travertine Slate Marble Sandstone Mushroom Tile

1. Technical parameter of flexible stone tile:




MCM, Modified Clay Material, Natural Stone Powder

Tile Size

300mm * 600mm; 600mm * 600mm; 600mm * 900mm; 600mm * 1200mm;


2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm

Dimensional Stability



Natural Colors, More colors can be customized.

Tile Type

Full Body Tiles, Wall Tiles, MCM Tiles


Travertine, Slate, Rising Rock, Tianshan Rock, Granite, Marble, Sand Stone



Water Absorbing Capacity

<0.1 With European Indicators


Home Decoration, Interior Wall Decoration, Exterior Wall Decoration, High-rise Buildings, Irregular Structures

2. Description of flexible stone tile:
Flexible soft clay material tiles have natural texture and color, such like travertine, slate, granite, marble, sandstone, rising rock, mushroom stone, Tianshan rock, culture stone, etc.

They're light weight and soft, anti-bending and crack free, asbestos free and VOC free, widely used as home decoration, interior wall decoration, and exterior wall decoration, even can paste onto the old wall directly.

3. Composition of soft stone tile:        

  • Natural Raw Materials:
  • Colored mineral sand,
  • Mountain flour,
  • Modified clay material (Green Materials, asbestos free),
  • Additive (invention patent),
  • Soft emulsion agent, waterproof agent,
  • Flame retardant agent,antioxidant.  

4. Various patterns of nature soft stone clay tiles:

  • Travertine,
  • Slate,
  • Rinsing Rock,
  • Tianshan Rock,
  • Granite,
  • Marble,
  • Sand Stone
  • More Patterns and Textures Can be Customized by Pictures and Samples.
Flexible_stone_tile_travertine Flexible_stone_tile_slate
Flexible_stone_tile_rinsing_rock Flexible_stone_tile_granite


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