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Tourist Town (Characteristic Town)
---Perfectly replace natural stone, wood grain, leather, clay brick etc

In order to save our earth, we invented this new decorative material to replace some natural material.
Flexible tile has the texture of stone, but the weight is only 1/7 of the natural stone.
It has the texture of wood grain, but the fireproof performance is pretty higher (A1 Grade Fireproof).

Scenery outdoor decoration flexible cladding-wood grain

Wood grain flexible tile for external wall

Wood grain tile can perfectly show the texture of various natural stone and wood grain. With the features of various styles and colors can perfectly imitate stone, metal curtain wall, clay board, split brick, leather skin, etc. They can meet the special nees of different styles of tourist town's selection.
Moreover, it's A1 grade fireproof, waterproof and UV insulation.

Old town rebuild by flexible tile wood grain


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