♦♦ ♦♦ Flexible Split Brick

Flexible Split Brick Tile For High-rise Building

1. Quick details of flexible high-rise building split brick:
Product Name: Fireproof Flexible Wall Tiles Waterproof Split Brick For High-rise Building     
Material: MCM, Modified Clay Material
Size: 240mm * 60mm; 600mm * 120mm; Other Size Can Be Customized.     
Color: Blacks, Blues, Browns / Tans, Grays, Greens, Oranges, Purples / Lavenders, Reds / Pinks, Whites, Yellows / Golds More Colors Can Be Customized.
Feature: Light Weight, Soft, Flexible, Anti-crack, Waterproof, Anti-pollution, Self-cleaning, Fireproof, Breathable, Rebound Resilience, Eco-friendly, Etc.
Application: Exterior Wall Decoration, High-rise Buildings, Irregular Structures, School, Office, Hospital, Hotel, Swimming Pool, Etc,

2. Composition of flexible split brick:        
Natural Raw Materials: colored mineral sand, mountain flour, modified clay material (Green Materials, asbestos free),  additive (invention patent), soft emulsion agent, waterproof agent, flame retardant agent, antioxidant.    

3. Various patterns of flexible wall tile:

  • Retro G Surface- Monochrome Serious
  • Modern A Surface- Monochrome Serious
  • Modern I Surface- Monochrome Serious
  • Modern K Surface- Monochrome Serious
  • Modern R Surface- Monochrome Serious



4. Competitive advantages of flexible split brick:
Retro nostalgic art form, give more artistic breath to flexible split brick, no matter applied in antique buildings or art community; it can let you enjoy the great architectural beauty through the high-rise buildings in modern city.

Flexible split brick is our new invention patent, it's soft and flexible, light weight, waterproof and self-cleaning, especially suitable for irregular structures and high-rise buildings.

Flexible split brick tiles even can paste onto the old wall directly without knock off previous ceramic tiles.

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