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Expaned polystyrene foam concrete panels for hotel

Commonly, there are plenty of factors that the architect must concern while design or construct a hotel with success. Besides the basic mechanical properties and safety performance, there's still several factors are essential for the guests comfort experience, for example:
1. Sound insulation
2. Room space saving
3. Electrical wire water pipe embedding
4. Fire safety

hotel-room-hallways-sound-control-partition sound-insulation-wall-dividers-for-hotel hotel-noise-from-floor-impact-ceiling-insulation

1. Sound insulation

Hotels always pay high attention to the applying sound control between rooms, hallways, floors and ceilings, because hotels would suffer from a variety of noise problems which can be disruptive to guests.

Noise from walls

One of the easiest ways to make a guest happy is by helping them get a good night sleep; this can be achieved with a comfy bed and central heating, but all effort will have gone to waste if noise is leaked from room to room.

Noise from floors and ceilings

Hotels can have many levels creating a concern of loud impact noise reverberating from above and floor impact noise.
Generally, acoustical partition panels (panels with insulation material infills, such like expaned polystyrene eps foam concrete panels for hotel partitions)or acoustical sound absorbing curtains are preferred on the walls and ceilings to absorb sound noise.

lightweight-acoustical-partition-panels-for-hotel acoustical-expaned-polystyrene-eps-foam-concrete-panels-for-hotel-partitions

2. Room space saving

Expaned polystyrene eps foam concrete panels for hotel partitions have calcium silicate boards as double skin layers, which is flat in appearance and no need plastering, which will be at least 20mm thickness for single plaster layer. In general, room space will increase 5% after finished by expaned polystyrene beads cement panels as partitions.

3. Electrical wire and water pipe embedding

Expaned polystyrene eps foam concrete panels for hotel partitions are easy to cut by grinder, after embed the Electrical wires and water pipes, fill the grooves with cement.

expaned-polystyrene-eps-foam-concrete-panels-for-hotel-Electrical-wire-embedding hotel-Sound-insulation-panels-water-pipe-embedding

4. Fire safety

The expaned polystyrene beads cement panels is fireproof and flame-retardant, they can prevent the fire spread if any emergency.

hotel-sound-control-dividers-partition hotel-fire-safety-fireproof-flam-retardant-partition-wall hotel-wall-panels-with-insulation-material-infills