♦♦ ♦♦ Floor Panel
1. Introduction
EPS Cement Sandwich Floor Panel is a kind of light weight sandwich panel taking fibre reinforced calcium silicon board or cement calcium silicon board as panel, with cement, EPS, fly ash as sandwich concrete. It's a lightweight aggregate concrete floor paneling with excellent performance on sound transmission insulation, and easy pipe and electric wire embedding on the floor. As precast concrete insulated floor panels,  it can large shorten the on-site casting time, instead it need steel trusses frame for bearing support.
EPS-Cement-Sandwich-Floor-PanelEPS Cement Sandwich Floor Panel lightweight-aggregate-concrete-floor-panelingLightweight aggregate concrete floor paneling
3. Composition
Sandwich core materials: cement, expanded polystyrene (EPS), and fly ash concrete core. 
Floor panel  surface materials: Fiber reinforced calcium silicone board or cement calcium silicone board
4. Specification
(L*W*T) 2270mm X 610mm X 75mm
high-load-bearing-lightweight-aggregate-sandwich-floor-panelingHigh load bearing lightweight aggregate sandwich floor paneling high-strength-light-weight-foam-concrete-flooring-panelsHigh strength light weight foam concrete flooring panels
7. Characteristics and advantages
•Energy-saving, lightweight
•Raw materials do not include harmful substances
•Environmental products, it is highly recommended by the government
•Capacity: 650kg/m3, just 1/6 of the concrete floor
•Waterproof and damp resistant
•Sound insulation
•With fireproof feature
precast-concrete-insulated-floor-panelsPrecast concrete insulated floor panels fly-ash-concrete-floor-panels-steel-frame-trussesFly ash Concrete Floor Panels Steel Frame Trusses