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EPS Cement Sandwich Partition Wall Panel

1. EPS Cement Sandwich Partition Wall Panel Details

  • Name: EPS Cement Sandwich Partition Wall Panel
  • Material: Calcium silicate board, expanded polystyrene eps, cement, fly ash
  • Specification: 2270*610*60/75/90/100/120/150mm
  • Usage: Lightweight partition wall, fast room partitions, soundproof wall dividers, quick office partitions
  • Advantages: Fast installation, sound insulation, fireproof, easy pipe embedding, room space saving 5%, no plastering

Soundproof wall dividers


Quick office partitions

2. EPS Cement Sandwich Partition Wall Panel Features

  • Reaction to fire: Fireproof, 4 hours
  • Lightweight: 55~58 kg/㎡
  • Sound insulation: Soundproof 42db
  • Anchorage Load: 150kg
  • No plastering: Smooth surface for finishing
  • Space saving: Average room space saved 5%

4. EPS Cement Sandwich Partition Wall Panel Parameters:                                      

Performance Attribute
Thermal conductivity(BS 874: Part 2: 1986) 0.221 W/mK
Flexural Strength(longitudianal)
4.27 MPa
Flexural Strength(transverse)
Moisture Movement 0.06%
Moisture Content 9%
Resistance to continuous heating 80 °c
Surface Alkalinity pH 7-10
Non-combustibility (face Boards)
BS EN ISO 1182: 2002
BS476: Part 4
GB8624-1997, Grade A
Heat of conbustion (face boards) BS EN ISO 1716: 2002
Building regulations classification (face boards) Euro Class A1
Fire rated partition (Reaction to fire)
4 hour FRP
BS EN 1364-1
BS 476: Part 22
Water tightness to ASTM C1185 No droplets observed behind the panel, Test of 24 hours at 250 mm water head
Partition stiffnesss-heavy duty grade
(BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex A)
Resistance to structureal damage by multiple impacts from a large soft body
-heavy duty grade( BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex E)
No collapse of dislocation
Surface damage by hard body impact- heavy duty grade(BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex B) Pass
Effects of door slamming-heavy duty grade
BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex B
Resistance to crowd pressure-heavy duty grade
BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex G
No collapse of damage
Resitance to anchorage(high level wall cupboard)eccentric downward
BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex K
No damage or detachment of anchor
Anchorge Load of eps cement sandwich interior partition wall 45 kg
Sound Insulation
- 60 mm thick
- 75 mm thick
- 100 mm thick
- 120 mm thick
- 150 mm thick
38 dB
40 dB
42 dB
44 dB
46 dB

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