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EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel

There are two parts to a roof, its supporting structure and its outer skin, or uppermost weatherproof layer. In a minority of buildings, the outer layer is also a self-supporting structure. The supporting structure of a roof usually comprises beams that are long and of strong, fairly rigid material such as timber, cast iron or steel. Because the purpose of a roof is to protect people and their possessions from climatic elements, the insulation properties of a roof are a consideration in its structure and the choice of roofing material.

Product Name: EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel, or Light weight fly ash concrete roof, or Lightweight aggregate concrete roof, or insulation roof panel, or styrofoam sandwich roof


EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel Insulation


Light Weight Fly Ash Concrete Roof

2. EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel Features

Feature of EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel Attribute of EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel
Light weight 55kg/pc
Space saving/Energy saving Save 4.26m2 per 100 m2 area
Eco-friendly/Green material 100% non-asbestos
Water proof/Damp proof Excellent
Fire proof 240 mins of 1000 degree fire, nonflammable
Wind proof/Shearing force resistance 75m/s, 270km/h
Sound proof/Sound absorption 46dB
Heat insulation/Thermal insulation Room temperature 5 degree lower than outside
High strength/Anti-impact 1.5 times of traditional wall
Anti-seismic Class 7-8
Hanging force Single point hanging force 50kg, Embed hanging force 150kg
Fast construction/Rapid install 25m2/day per labor, 8-10 times of traditional wall
High load bearing 650 kg/m3
Long life span 60-70 years service life
lightweight-aggregate-concrete-roofLightweight Aggregate Concrete Roof lightweight-concrete-insulation-roof-panelLightweight Concrete Insulation Roof Panel

3. EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel Performance

Performance of EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel Attribute of EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel
Thermal conductivity(BS 874: Part 2: 1986) 0.221 W/mK
Flexural Strength(longitudianal)
4.27 MPa
Flexural Strength(transverse)
Moisture Movement 0.06%
Moisture Content 9%
Resistance to continuous heating 80 °c
Surface Alkalinity pH 7-10
Non-combustibility(face Boards)
BS EN ISO 1182: 2002
BS476: Part 4
GB8624-1997, Grade A
Heat of conbustion(face boards) BS EN ISO 1716: 2002
Building regulations classification(face boards) Euro Class A1
Fire rated partition
2 hour FRP
BS EN 1364-1
BS 476: Part 22
Water tightness to ASTM C1185

No droplets observed behind the panel,

Test of 24 hours at 250 mm water head

Partition stiffnesss-heavy duty grade
(BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex A)
Resistance to structureal damage by
multiple impacts from a large soft body
-heavy duty grade( BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex E)
No collapse of dislocation

Surface damage by hard body impact-

heavy duty grade(BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex B)

Effects of door slamming-heavy duty grade
BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex B
Resistance to crowd pressure-heavy duty grade
BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex G
No collapse of damage
Resitance to anchorage(high level wall cupboard)
eccentric downward
BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex K
No damage or detachment of anchor
Anchorge Load of Eps Cement Sandwich Roof Panel 50 kg, embeded 150 kg
Acoustic performance
- 60 mm thick
- 75 mm thick
- 100 mm thick
- 120 mm thick
- 150 mm thick
38 dB
40 dB
42 dB
44 dB
46 dB
expanded-polystyrene-styrofoam-sandwich-roofSandwich Material Insulated Roof Board precast-concrete-sandwich-roof-panelPrecast Concrete Sandwich Insulated Roof Board sandwich-panel-insulated-roof-boardExpanded Polystyrene Styrofoam Sandwich Roof;

4. Steel Roof Frame Truss Required for EPS Cement Sandwich Roof Panel

thermal-insulation-light-weight-sandwich-roof-panel-steel-frameRoof Trusses lightweight-heat-insulation-foam-concrete-roof-steel-frameLightweight Steel Frame