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Eco real estate villa system

A villa was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Since its origins in the Roman villa, the idea and function of a villa have evolved considerably. Nowadays, special forms are for instance spa villas and seaside villas, that became especially popular.

Expanded-polystyrene-concrete-panels-for-villa expanded-eps-foam-insulation-concrete-villa

Because of its low storey, commonly one story or double storeies, as well as special position with extrem weather condition, desert, seaside, countryside, etc. The insulation property will be pretty importy factor to consider. The insulation roofs, floors, walls usually be assmbled with villas.

insulation-villa-calcium-silicate-board-wall real-estate-villa-expanded-polystyrene-foam-wall

Expanded polystyrene concrete panels for villa

Expanded polystyrene concrete panel is a lightweight sandwich panel with calcium silicate boards as double sides layer, and expanded polystyrene beads concrete as solid core, it has excellent performance on weather resistance, thermal insulation, fireproof, sound insulation and wind proof, etc.

Styrofoam-beads-insulation-villa-wall-panel expanded-polystyrene-insulation-villa

Advantages of villa finished by expanded polystyrene concrete panels:

Weather resistance: Waterproof, anti aging, UV resistance;

Fireproof: Grade A;

Windproof: 275km/h;

Anti-seismic: Grade 8;

Sound insulation: 46 dB;

Construction speed: 2 weeks;

eps-foam-precast-concrete-villa-insulation-panel eps-expanded-polystyrene-real-estate-villa