♦♦ ♦♦ ♦♦ Concrete Structure

A reinforced concrete structure is a structural member designed to carry compressive loads, composed of concrete with an embedded steel frame to provide reinforcement.
Designers select concrete structure for one-, two-, and three-story stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, commercial warehouses, terminals, and industrial buildings because of its durability and ease of construction.
A major advantage of concrete structure construction for high-rise buildings is the material's inherent properties of heaviness and mass, which create lateral stiffness, or resistance to horizontal movement. Concrete structure has become the material of choice for many tall, slim towers.

Calcium-silicate-board-concrete-sandwich-panel-for-concrete-structure Lighweight-wall-dividers-for-high-rise-concrete-structure

Concrete structure building filling walls

Expanded polystyrene eps foam cement sandwich panels with light weight, fireproof, windproof, thermal insulation properties are largely used as filling walls of building with concrete structure, due to they offers comfort and security with low energy bills and low maintenance, also provide healthy interiors that promote well-being.

Concrete-structure-building-wall-dividers Concrete-structure-building-filling-walls

Further more, as building envelopes, expanded polystyrene eps foam cement sandwich panels minimize air infiltration, simplify the addition of insulation, and provide thermal mass for more consistent temperatures and decreased energy usage.

Expanded-polystyrene-sandwich-concrete-panels-with-concrete-structure Expanded-polystyrene-eps-foam-cement-sandwich-panels

Concrete structure building wall dividers

Expanded polystyrene eps foam cement sandwich panels always are preferred for concrete structure building wall dividers, especially for high rise building. The rapid installation speed, excellent sound insulation and convenient for electricity wire water pipes embedding.

light-weight-foam-sandwich-concrete-boards-with-concrete-structure concrete-structure-building-partition-wall-dividers