♦♦ ♦♦ ♦♦ 75mm Floor Panel

In high rise buildings and skyscrapers, thinner, pre-cast concrete slabs are slung between the steel frames to form the floors and ceilings on each level. It is an advantage in climates with large daily temperature swings, where the slab acts as a regulator, keeping the building cool by day and warm by night.


Fly ash concrete insulated floor panels

Lightweight aggregate concrete sandwich floor paneling is modified by replacing concrete blocks with expanded polystyrene concrete. This inter-change not only allows for better insulation but assist with a lightweight slab which has a positive effect on load bearing walls and foundations.

lightweight-aggregate-concrete-sandwich-floor-panelingLightweight aggregate concrete sandwich floor paneling Light-weight-precast-concrete-floor-panels-pipe-embeddingLight weight precast concrete floor panels pipe embedding

Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Sandwich Floor Paneling

Floor Material: Expanded polystyren concrete, fly ash concrete

Paneling Size: 2270 mm  * 610 mm  * 75 mm or thicker;

Weight: 60kg/pc;

Load Bearing: 180+ kg;

Damp Proof: Excellent;

Waterproof: Excellent;

Fireproof: National standard A grade;

Embedding: Easy for electric wire and pipe embedding;

Supporting: Steel structure, concrete structure, wood-frame, steel truss, steel frame, etc;

lightweight-aggregate-concrete-sandwich-floor-paneling-high-loadHigh load lightweight aggregate concrete sandwich floor paneling light-weight-precast-concrete-floor-panels-high-strengthHigh strength light weight precast concrete floor panels

Floors in wood-frame homes are usually constructed with joists centered no more than 16 inches (41 centimeters) apart, according to most building codes. Heavy floors require more closely spaced joists. If the span between load-bearing walls is too long for joists to safely support, then a heavy crossbeam  may be used.