♦♦ About
LIGHTWALL®, a reliable professional Lightweight wall eps cement sandwich panel manufacturer, locates in the Optics Valley of Wuhan City, capital of Hubei Province, center of China.
With 10 years experience, LIGHTWALL® dedicates to provide rapid wall solution, shorten construction period, save energy, protect the natural environment from various resource waste. Now LIGHTWALL®'s panels have applied in plenty houses all over the world, especially in Southeast Asian, Middle East, Africa, South America, etc.


LIGHTWALL® focus on manufacture lightweight aggregate concrete sandwich panels, which are largely used as partition wall, room partition, wall dividers, office partitions, external wall, roofing sheet, concrete floor paneling for high rise buildings, residence, villa, warehouse, refugee house, and other structures that require rapid speed and insulution treatment.

What we devote:

  • Research and development;
  • Professional technology;
  • Staff health;
  • Environment protection;
  • Stable formula;
  • Strictly QC;
  • Technical support;
  • After sales service

Why lightwall® special?

Including but not limit to: Light weight and high strength, fast installation, excellent reaction to fire, heat insulation and enery saving, sound transmission insulation, suit for electric pipe embedding, etc.

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♦ LIGHTWALL® Headquarter
Tel/Fax:  +86-27-83632101
Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp: +86-181-62529019
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Head office: Optics Valley 1st Road, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, China

♦ LIGHTWALL® Overseas

Overseas Partners Contacts Tel Fax Email Address
LIGHTWALL® Thailand Mr. Ann - - - Bangkok
LIGHTWALL® Singapore Mr. Shawn - - - Singapore
LIGHTWALL® Indonesia Mr. Alok - - - Jakarta
LIGHTWALL® Spain Ms. Jane - - - Madrid
LIGHTWALL® South Africa Mr. Hilton - - - Cape Town
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