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Lightweight concrete sandwich wall panels for warehouse

Warehouses are generally considered industrial buildings and are usually located in industrial districts or zones. They are usually large plain buildings in industrial parks on the outskirts of cities, towns or villages.
General components:
1. Strong, slender cast iron columns as steel frame structures;
2. Saw-tooth roof brought natural light;
3. Lightweight concrete sandwich wall panels for insulation;
4. Rapid partitions for temporary office or operating room.

fly-ash-concrete-sandwich-panel-for-warehouse expanded-polystyrene-sandwich-panel-room-partitions-for-warehouse

Types of warehouses

Types of warehouses include storage warehouses, distribution centers, retail warehouses, cold storage warehouses, and flex space.

Styrofoam-beads-sandwich-panel-wall-dividers-office-warehouse polystyrene-foam-concrete-blocks-for-factory-buildings

Warehouses requirements

1. Height

Hoists, cranes and forklifts transformed the possibilities of multi-level pallet racking of goods in taller, single-level steel-framed buildings for higher storage density. So the warehouse must have a super height.

2. Light

Inside the top floor, the vertical glazed pane of each saw-tooth enabled natural lighting over displayed goods, improving buyer inspection.

lightweight-concrete-blocks-for-manufacturing-plant precast-concrete-walls-for-factory-building

3. Insulation

Thermal insulation is quite important for warehouse, factory building and manufacturing plant, especially for cool warehouses and cold storage, as well as extreme weather area, for instance, desert and snow areas.

4. Speed

Fast fundation, structure, walls and partitions, can largely shorten the warehouse, factory building and manufacturing plant construction period, make all the facilities put into services as scheduled. Thus, lightweight concrete

sandwich wall panels with large size and insulation property will be preferred.

Lightweight concrete sandwich wall panels use calcium silicate boards as double size skin layers, expanded polystyrene beads, fly ash concrete as lightweight aggregate solid core, have perfect fireproof, heat insulation, windproof performance.

lightweight-aggregate-partition-wall-for-warehouse lightweight-concrete-sandwich-panel-office-warehouse