♦♦ ♦♦ Installation Steps
Step I Step II Step III Step IV Step V
lightweight-aggregate-concrete-sandwich-panel-installation-step Lightwall-partition-divider-installation-method Lightweight-concrete-block-wall-panel-installation-way Fly-ash-eps-sandwich-wall-panel-erection-method Lightweight-precast-concrete-wall-erection-flow

Step I
Clean the area. Prepare all the tools and accessory before install the panels.
Step II
Define the wall line.
Step III
Clean the surface of the structure and each sides of the wall panel before apply adhesive.
Step IV
Mix cement adhesive mortar and apply to the structure and both sides of wall panel.
Step V
Put the wedge and install the wall panel, check the wall panels vertically and horizontally.

Step VI Step VII Step VIII Step IX Step X
Lightweight-sandwich-panel-concrete-wall-rebar-connection Lightweight-aggregate-sandwich-concrete-panel-easy-cut. Lightwall-fly-ash-concrete-wall-panel-connection-method Precast-concrete-wall-lightweight-sandwich-panel-pipe-embedding Precast-concrete-fly-ash-eps-cement-wall-panel-finishing

Step VI
Drill a 3cm hole at the bottom of the structure, nail the wall panel with structure by L shape rebar.
Step VII
Measure the dimension of remaining space and cut the wall panel accordingly.
Place the small wall panel and fix with structures like Step VI.
Step IX
Draw and groove the wall to finish the electrical wire, water pipes and sanitary works, fill the grooves with cement mortar.
Step X
Decorate the wall with skim coat, painting, wallpaper or tiles.

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