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LIGHTWALL (Lightweight aggregate concrete sandwich wall panel) is very suitable for frame structures, such like steel structure and concrete structure, it can be easily cut, carry and filled the frame structure in short time, which can largely shorten the construction period, save the labor cost and construction cost.

Steel Structure Concrete Structure
Lightweight-aggregate-concrete-sandwich-panel-with-steel-structure Lightweight-fly-ash-sandwich-panel-with-concrete-structure

Generally, house storey height is about 3 meters, some are 4 meters and warehouse storey height is 6 meters. Here's common installation diagram filled by LIGHTWALL.



3 Meters Height Wall



6 Meters Height Wall


4 Meters Height Wall

1) Structures are strongly recommended, due to the lightweight wall panel is non-bearing;
2) Columns are required while the length span more than 9 meters;
3) Beams are required while the height span more than 6 meters;

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