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Styrofoam beads concrete panel size specification

Styrofoam beads concrete panels are composited by calcium silicate boards as skin face, styrofoam beads concrete as lightweight sandwich core. The panel usually come in sheets, with size 2270mm length and 610mm width.

Styrofoam-beads-calcium-silicate-concrete-panel-size Styrofoam-beads-sandwich-concrete-panel-packing


Styrofoam beads concrete panels packing

Styrofoam beads concrete panels are covered by epe films, packin belts, edges are carefull protected.

Expanded-polystyrene-foam-concrete-sandwich-panel-stacking Epsfoam-beads-prefab-concrete-panel-shipping

Styrofoam beads concrete panels loading and shipping

Generally, we recommend to load and ship styrofoam beads concrete panels by 20GP container, due to the 20GP can perfectly load the panels without any space waste, while the 40GP couldn't load double 20GP, limited by the maximum payload.


Specification loading shipping.pdf